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• Backup battery option ensures guests can still use phone during power outages
• Mix and match up to 3 accessory Petites or handsets to optimize guest experience
• Antibacterial plastic tested to inhibit 99.9% of bacteria growth
• Backup battery matches handset battery, making it easy to inventory and swap in if the handset battery dies
• Backup battery option supports up to five hours in standby mode and two hours of talk time


• Adjustable RF transmission power prevents interference
• Handset Battery life: up to 7 hours of talk time with 7 days of standby time
• Expandable cordless system: up to a total of 4 cordless handsets
• Calls are digitized and encrypted, making eavesdropping nearly impossible
• Backlit handset dialpad
• Answer a call by simply picking up the handset from the charger
• Built-in speakerphone on both base and cordless handset
• Charging LED indicator feature ensures handset battery is charging
• DECT 6.0 technology eliminates interference from wireless networks and other wireless devices for superior sound quality
• Low battery indicator on cordless handset for easy maintenance
• Quickly locate all cordless handsets in the system using the Find Handset key
• Redial the last number called with the touch of a button; automatically expires in 15 minutes to protect guest privacy
• Register additional handsets quickly and easily
• Side handset volume control for easy access

• Number of Lines: 1-Line
• SKU: 80-H0AY-00-000
• Weight (in lbs): 2.6
• Temperature: 25o C ± 10o C
• Humidity: 65% ± 20%
• Radio Frequency: DECT 1.8GHz, DECT 1.9GHz
• Power Source: 6V DC External Power with Battery Backup
• Message Waiting Signal Type: FSK (Frequency-Shift Keying), High Voltage, Low Voltage, Panasonic, Reverse Polarity, Siemens
• Flash: Programmable timing (100/300/600ms)
• Cords: 12-foot standard coiled handset cord, 20-foot standard telephone line cord with RJ11 connectors

Analog Contemporary Series User Manual (pdf)


CTM-A24x1-BATT Spec Sheet (pdf)


Faceplate Worksheets and Color Samples

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