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Treeview and Maps. The best way to have an overview of all your network
Treeview is a powerful and intuitive way to structure your network. Building your treeview is interactive and fun, the context menu on
the right of the label gives you the opportunity to add resellers, managers, domains and gateway in a few clicks.
The smartest way to search
Smart Search is the best and fastest way to search something on your HSNM, with all kinds of innovative features that make your
search more enjoyable by showing the results in different categories and make it easy for you to find what you need.
One click update
One click update is an innovative feature that produces safe, lightning-fast update for HSNM. With just one click you can update
HSNM software to the latest version. Your system will always be updated to the latest release.

  • Social login is what makes your hotspot different from others
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Multi-Tenant architecture
  • Multilevel management 
  • Multi-language. Now everyone can login from your hotspots
  • Built in payment gateways

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